As well as providing design and engineering for agricultural and commercial projects, Stonecrest Engineering is able to provide a variety of design and engineering services for residential construction. Whether it be onsite review of a building component requiring an engineer's report, residential renovations/retrofits that require review for the architect or complex custom residential blueprints for building your dream home, Stonecrest can provide you with the engineering services for any residential project.

Building Your Dream Home

Stonecrest Engineering houses Project Designers experienced in the layout and design of a custom residential project. Our experienced staff work closely with our clients and their Builders to ensure they receive well-planned layouts and blueprints so they can turn their dream home into reality.

Our Residential Designers will initially meet with you to talk to you about your ideas and review some floor plan concepts. Floor plans don't need to be perfect as we will utilize them as a guide for layout and room sizes. If you are building in a subdivision, copies of the site plan will be required as we will need to know setbacks and Township/City lot requirments. Pictures of desired finishes and elevations are always welcome as the Designers will discuss a variety of features at this time from exterior finishes to basement finishes.

Following the initial meeting, our Designers will provide conceptual floor plans and elevations that are updated during the design process. Once you are happy with your layout, we proceed with completing the blueprints for your new dream home. Once your construction starts, we are always available to answer any questions and address any changes in the drawings if they are required.

Planning a Renovation or Addition


Homeowners looking to take the plunge into home renovation may discover that it is not as simple as some hand-drawn plans and a contractor. When planning your home renovation or addition, there are a lot of factors that can adversely affect the structure of your home if changed or removed. These “factors” may require you to have a Professional Engineer review your existing dwelling and report if additional structural components will have to be added to your renovation design. This review can range from determining the structural integrity of an existing foundation, to replacing or removing a load bearing wall, to making changes to your trusswork in your home.


During the planning process with your Contractor and Designer, check with your local building department to see what requirements they will need to satisfy the building permit. Sometimes doing your “home”work before you renovate will save you money in the long run and ensure the changes made to your home will last for years to come.