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Since Stonecrest’s conception over 25 years ago, the company has designed thousands of agricultural facilities and has since expanded to include engineering services for bio-energy, commercial and residential sectors.


We have designed agricultural facilities throughout Canada, the United States and overseas. We are experienced and highly respected in the agricultural and engineering fields and have helped establish Stonecrest Engineering as the leading engineering firm specializing in the agricultural sector in Ontario. Our staff works closely with business owners and/or their builders to develop practical, environmentally sound site plans.

Stonecrest Engineering's Owners

Wayne Blenkhorn started Stonecrest Engineering in 1995 with the intent to help his clients with changing regulations in agricultural construction. Wayne worked closely with contractors and farm customers to learn their preferences in construction and was able to provide drawings that were tailored to their style. His belief, and the one he has instilled in his staff, is that we need to learn from the client as much as we are here to provide guidance.

In the past 25 years the company has grown substantially and the relationship with the clients remains the primary focus. In recent years, Wayne has brought Nick Hendry and Bram Van den Heuvel in to the Stonecrest Engineering partnership to continue with his client focused vision and to help grown the business for the next generation.

Meet The Team

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Wayne Blenkhorn,
P.Eng., M.Eng.



Wayne is a graduate of McGill University in Agricultural Engineering and later returned there to gain a Master’s in Agricultural Engineering and complete his studies in Mechanical Engineering. Wayne's main focus currently ranges in the Biogas and CNG energy sector and working on larger international-based projects.

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Nick Hendry,
P.Eng., Msc (Eng.)., rmc., CD 



Nick joined our team in 2015 overseeing our Biogas Projects and the CNG station site plan development division. Nick holds over 5 years experience in the ventilation and green energy field.

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Bram Van den Heuvel, C.E.T., LEL

Owner/Vice President


Bram is a graduate from Conestoga College and joined Stonecrest in 2005. Bram was raised on a family poultry operation and has currently become our in-house Building Code expert, overseeing our commercial projects and projects requiring additional code and site plan requirements, with additional work in residential design.

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Pat Ducharme, P.Eng., B.A.Sc.

Principal Engineer


Pat is a graduate from the University of Waterloo with a degree in civil engineering and holds almost 20 years experience in engineering design and drafting. Pat is our structural and residential specialist for the company, overseeing our fabric and steel structures, ensuring structural integrity of our designs and providing clients with innovative custom home designs.

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Matt Vanderzee,
M.Eng., P.Eng.

Principal Engineer


Matt joined Stonecrest Engineering in 2021. With over 8 years of construction and engineering experience, Matt leads the company's commercial projects. His education includes a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Engineering from the University of Western.

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Tammy Kollman

Senior Project Manager



Tammy graduated from Fanshawe College and joined Stonecrest in 2002, and has been with us for 20 years! She works on swine, poultry facilities, and dairy facilities. She is also our go-to Designer for our fabric and pre-engineered building foundation design.

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Mitchell Schultz

Senior Project Manager



Mitchell is a graduate from Conestoga College and joined Stonecrest in 2015. Mitchell was raised on a dairy farm and worked in the construction industry before joining Stonecrest. He works on dairy and residential projects. Mitchell is frequently onsite completing inspections during construction.

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Travis Pol

Lead Site Reviewer/Project Designer



Travis is a graduate from Conestoga College and joined Stonecrest in 2016. Having grown up on a dairy farm, and with previous construction experience, Travis brings additional on-hand construction and dairy operation knowledge to the design group. Travis will also travel onsite to complete onsite inspections during construction.


Josh Wagler

Senior Project Manager



Josh is a graduate of Conestoga College and has 10 years experience in the construction industry. He is responsible for managing commercial projects and consultant teams. Josh also helps contractor and owner with on-site construction supervision.  

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Travis Lise

Project Designer

Agricultural/Residential/Bio Gas


Travis Lise is a graduate from Conestoga College with an advanced diploma in Architecture-Construction Engineering Technology and joined Stonecrest in 2020. Travis was raised in an agricultural community and has previously worked in the construction industry before joining Stonecrest. Travis works on agricultural, residential, and bio gas projects.

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Dylan Buckholz

Project Designer



Dylan studied at Fanshawe College and has an Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology. He grew up in Dorchester and has experience in agricultural and commercial construction. He also worked at the 

Western University Wind Laboratory. He currently designs for the residential and commercial sectors.


Zac Berg

Project Designer/Site Reviewer



Zac is a 2020 graduate from Fanshawe College with an advanced diploma is Architectural Technology and has been with Stonecrest Engineering since 2021. He currently lives on a farm and has experience in construction and landscaping. Zac does many site inspections and currently designs residential and commercial projects.


Isaac Easey

Project Designer



Isaac is a graduate of Nova Scotia Community College and recently Fanshawe college for an advanced diploma in Architectural Technology.  Isaac joined Stonecrest in 2021. He grew up in Norfolk County and has experience working on Hi-Rise structures, as well as hands on residential construction experience. Currently Isaac is working on residential and commercial projects.

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