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Stonecrest Engineering

Stonecrest Engineering Inc. established a 25-year reputation in the agricultural sector based on strong agricultural knowledge and practical designs. Stonecrest provides professional engineering leadership in structural design and planning of production facilities for all agricultural sectors. 

Expanding our services into the commercial and residential sector has allowed further corporate growth by meeting client needs in a broader area of construction. We take care to cultivate the same important client relationship and deliver quality designs across a more diversified construction field to ensure our growth and reputation continues in all business sectors. 



Stonecrest Engineering is able to provide a variety of services for residential construction. Whether it be onsite review of a building component requiring an engineer's report, residential renovations requiring review for the architect, or custom blueprints for building your dream home, Stonecrest can provide you with the engineering services you need.


Stonecrest Engineering was built with the mindset to possess in-house experience that spanned the entire agricultural industry including dairy, swine, poultry, beef, duck, goat, horse, sheep facilities and manure handling/management.

We optimize the use of on-farm structures and facilities, and help control pollution and environmental issues.


Our engineers not only bring an abundance of Building Code knowledge to commercial projects, but have additional in-house services to provide our clients with site planning services. We can assist with everything you will need to satisfy Site Plan Control requirements.


With over 12 digesters and associated equipment designed and installed by Stonecrest. Stonecrest Engineering is a leading anaerobic digester design firm. We specializes in project feasibility and planning, process layout, equipment selection and procurement, structural design of digesters and tanks, and process piping design and review for anaerobic digestion. With the first on farm biogas to renewable natural gas facility in Ontario, Stonecrest Engineering is helping farms and other producers of RNG diversify their incomes, improve manure practice, reduce fertilizer costs, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 


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440 Wright Boulevard Unit #2, Stratford, ON, N4Z 1H3 

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