Commercial Demand is Growing

With the increasing demand for commercial projects - both commercial/industrial based or agricultural-commercial developments, Stonecrest Engineering provides a client-assisted approach to design and engineering on commercial projects. As well, we help our clients through the intricate process of site planning and commercial/industrial development.

Development of the Stonecrest Engineering commercial division is into its second year and is based in our Woodstock site office. In the past year, projects have ranged from feasibility studies to full project deliverables on varying types of facilities including dealerships, transportation establishments, fertilizer production facilities and even elaborate personal spa developments.

Bram Van den Heuvel, Natalie Catlos, and most recently, Brenda Headon, head up the Commercial Division and together, deliver services that include site planning and development, zoning amendments, completion of site plan control submissions, structural drawings and project management.

Bram has always been our client’s go-to Project Designer for assistance in building classifications and building code guidelines. Though Stonecrest has always provided engineering to a multitude of projects, until the past few years, most projects commercial in nature, still had a strong element of the agricultural industry to them. Growing restrictions on classification of a particular project can never be based on zoning alone. Building uses, source of material for production and type of business all have an impact on construction projects.

Developing this division has been a highlight for our staff. Bram noted “the greatest reward from developing the Stonecrest Engineering commercial division is meeting our client’s needs.” As we proceed into 2018, Stonecrest continues to look at ways to provide a wider variety of services to our clients to inevitably provide a one-stop-shop for commercial services. We look forward to many more exciting projects coming from our commercial division in the coming year!

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