2017 PDO Farm Tour hosted at the Canadian Outdoor Farm Show, September 2017

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, in its 24th year, show-cased the latest innovations in science and technology for agricultural products, equipment and service.

Every September, exhibitors representing a wide array of services and technology in the agricultural industry help to host one of the largest farm shows in Ontario. Situated in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show , in its 24th year, showcased the latest in innovation, science and technology geared to the agricultural industry to over 40,000 visitors that flocked to the show. Each year, along with the hundreds of exhibitors, the show boasts additional features including different themed field demonstrations, crop plots from the leading seed and crop protection companies, livestock demonstrations focusing on the newest technologies for production, and dairy tours of local dairy operations. Though there are dozens of exhibitors providing these activities, the specialized dairy tour is organized and hosted by Progressive Dairy Operators on the Friday following the show each year; a feature that is the highlight of the events that Progressive Dairy Operators offers to visitors attending the annual show. After months of organizing, Progressive Dairy Operators offers their farm tour of a number of local dairy operations, to provide visitors with a look at what other farm-operators have built and incorporated into their dairy operation. Visiting these farms off er farmers ideas and insights for their own operations.

Every year, Stonecrest Engineering has been privileged enough to be able to have our projects highlighted in these tours. This past year, three of our engineered projects were three of the five farms highlighted in the tour. These included Kie Farms in Stratford, Markdale Farms in Beachville, and Hammond Farms in Ingersoll, all of which feature unique layouts and equipment suited to their dairy operation needs. Here are some details.

KIE FARMS, ERIKA & DIRK KIESTRA This farm originated in 1998 milking 80 cows. In 2015, Kie Farms was milking 500 cows, three times per day in a double 10 parallel GEA milking parlour.

The 500 cows averaged 38 L with a SCC of 140,000. In 2016, a third barn was built with tunnel ventilation for 300 stalls and a tunnel ventilated double 25 parallel parlour with a flush system for the parlour and holding area.

They are now milking 480 cows on the home farm with Barn 1, holding the far off dry cows and pregnant heifers and Barn 2, a six row barn, holding milking cows, close-up cows and straw packs. The farm also has a second location across the road where they milk 120 cows in a double 10 parlour and breed heifers.



This farm was rebuilt in 2014 after a devastating fire. The original facility was a 110 cow tie-stall barn. Currently, the 140 cow herd is milked in a GEA Double-10 parlour 2X and has the potential to expand to 350-400 cows.

The new barn has four rows and 154 head-to-head stalls for milking cows. They use a GEA Houle scraper system as well as head locks. Dry cows are housed on a sawdust pack in the main barn and remain there until calving. Calves are now being housed in a new 32 pen calf barn equipped with a robot rail feeding system.


The Hammond family built a four Lely robot barn in 2015. The barn has 240 free stalls bedded with sawdust. The operation is milking approximately 235 cows averaging 37L per cow. The facility also uses a Lely Juno feed pusher. The old parlour was converted into a group housing calf facility equipped with two robotic calf feeders.

If you are interested in participating or attending the farm tour featured at this year 2018 Canadian Outdoor Farm Show, contact the Progressive Dairy Operators or click the image below.

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