Stonecrest is Expanding....Commercially!

Stonecrest Engineering is thrilled to expand our services to provide engineering directed at the commercial sector. In June of this year, we opened a new commercial field office in Woodstock, Ontario, housing a few of our staff previously at the head office in Shakespeare.

We are happy to have Bram, Josh, Nick and Natalie stationed in this new field office full time, providing our clients with quality service and expertise to assist them with their commercial projects.Expanding our commercial division enables us to provide our clients with a turnkey service for their commercial project needs, offering feasibility studies, site plan control services, commercial consulting as well as electrical and mechanical engineering services. The ability to provide our clients with a full range of services helps our customers rely on one company for their needs, rather than juggling a multitude of companies supplying some of the many requirements that commercial projects require. For a better understanding of commercial building requirements and what “site plan control” involves, read the article in our blog on commercial requirements.

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