Kie Farms Free Stall Dairy Facility 

Kie Farms boasts a multi-operational dairy operation with a 6-row Robotic Dairy Facility constructed in 2012 as well as Heifer and Calf Facilities constructed in 2009 and 2010. In 2015, the Kiestras undertook planning and construction of a large free stall dairy facility to house additional cows to their current operation. This project consisted of two new buildings connected to an existing 292’ free stall facility. The larger of the two buildings consisted of a 107’ x 336’ free stall barn with centre feed alley. Milking cows are sorted through the 44’ connection link to the 97’ x 255’ milking parlour and holding area where they are milked in a double 25 parallel parlour and milk stored in an 8000 gallon milk tank. Building construction consisted partly of conventionally wood-framed construction with the main barn and parlour incorporating a steel frame design.  
A flush transfer system was incorporated into the design for manure and wastewater handling for this new facility. Manure for the free stall component of the facility is scraped to a 3’ cross gutter pumped to an existing liquid manure storage tank. Flush water from the parlour building is handled through a flush transfer system incorporating a reception pit and flush tower to cycle the washwater utilized in the parlour/holding area.
Original design and planning commenced for this project in early 2015, with construction commencing by mid-summer 2015. By June 2016, this new free stall dairy facility was completed and operational. 


December 2012: 137’ x 350’ Free Stall Robotic Dairy Facility with two (2) milking robots

November 2010: 58’ x 177’ Heifer Facility Addition
October 2009: 72’ x 176’ Calf Barn
October 2009: Liquid Manure Tank
September 2008: 292’ 6-row Free Stall Dairy Facility (original facility)

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