The commercial permitting journey can be challenging and difficult which is why Stonecrest Engineering strives to help you navigate your project towards approval success.  Our Commercial Designers will work in tandem with you and Township/City Planning and Building Departments to ensure your project obtains the necessary approvals to bring your commercial building to sucessful completion.  Stonecrest Engineering not only brings an abundance of Building Code knowledge to commercial projects, but has additional in-house services to provide our clients with mechancial drawings,  electrical drawings and additional site planning services - everything you will need to satisfy Site Plan Control requirements.


This following will be a simple guide to help provide an idea of the necessary steps required towards the municipality’s support of your commercial project:



The first step is completed in conjunction with the Zoning Department to ensure that zoning by-laws are adhered alongside a multitude of other department approvals.The process may consist of multiple submissions to respond to department comments and requested changes.It can be further broken down into 3 categories for submittal:

  • Site plan – the siteplan will highlight all major components relative the location of the building, access, parking, fire fighting access, spatial separation, proposed exits, some proposed elevations, property set backs, property lines, zoning requirements, etc.For a complete list of siteplan requirements contact us for further information.

  • Site grading, drainage and service plan – this plan will include storm water management, main sewer / water locations, municipal hydrants, possible on site water for rural projects, possible septic installations, existing and proposed grades and swales.A complete list of requirements can be obtained from our office.

  • Landscape plan – this plan will highlight the required botanical areas for the proposed layout with specified plant / tree species along side typical planting details.



Generally a working floor plan is worked on simultaneously along side the site plan to determine overall building size.The final floor plan will help place the building on the site plan well as provide the required designated exits.Once the site plan approvals have been obtained the Architectural / Structural drawings can be fully completed and detailed.Components integrated into this set of plans include all required items relative to the construction of the proposed facility such as the main structure design as well as the interior and exterior finishes, doors and windows.Energy efficiency requirements may apply to portions of your facility and a building code matrix to help establish building code requirements applicable to the building will further aid the overall design.


Generally completed after the building design has been finalized and will deal with all mechanical and electrical components relative to heating and cooling the building, energy efficiency, lighting layout, emergency lighting, duct work / piping layouts, equipment specification as well as communication with utility companies.A more detailed description can be obtained from our staff.

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