Clovermead Farms Biogas Digester Project

The Whale Family
Drayton, Ontario

Clovermead Farms is a family dairy farm with about 150 cows
plus replacements, and 475 acres of corn, alfalfa, and mixed
grains. With the help of Stonecrest Engineering, Clovermead
installed a 2,000 m3 anaerobic digester for manure and other
organic materials to supply fuel for their 250 kW generator.

Working closely with the Whales, develop a twin-tank, sequentially managed CSTR digester designed to handle mixed dairy and poultry wastes with added food wastes and energy crops. The layout and construction of the facility allowed for future flexibility, both in terms of waste input, and energy output. With the introduction of the Ontario Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program, it was decided that producing electricity for the power grid would provide their most predictable path. However, grid limitations have given them a revenue stream for only 50% of their biogas production. Clovermead with support from Stonecrest Engineering, will continue to seek profitable options for the remaining 50% biogas stream.

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Shakespeare, Ontario

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Transfer System

Installation of transfer system piping for transfer of manure from dairy facility to tank